Meet the Petersons
The Petersons are rooted in their land. Living in the same place for the last four generations, they have no plans of moving. Vern started farming at the age of five. Out in the field, grading cannery peaches beside his father. Everyone in the family pitched in. Through those times, Vern’s father taught them life-long lessons, allowing them to work and learn from their mistakes. Carrying on the 100-year tradition, growing delicious stone fruit is natural to the Petersons. Vern farms a variety of organic tree fruits including peaches, plums, and nectarines. The family also raises organic chickens, using their waste for fertilizer on the farm. A symbiotic relationship that naturally boosts farming operations. Beyond the work, the Petersons care for their people. Genuine and whole—in all they do. Vern and his family work hard in all they do, using organics to enrich the world around them, both in their fruit and through the people.

Like Father, Like Son.

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