What is Regenerative Organic?


Farming as it was meant to be—pure and raw. We’ve broken down what Regen Organic is into three categories that encompass our efforts on the farm.

Happy Soil.

The Petersons farm below the soil to support maximum biodiversity and levels of organic matter. Healthy soil is the foundation of Regenerative Organic farming techniques. This includes promoting an environment where microorganisms can thrive, further enriching the soil on which Peterson trees stand. 

The family also raises organic chickens, using their waste for fertilizer on the farm. A symbiotic relationship that naturally boosts farming operations.

regenerative organic cover crop

Happy Fruit.

The most nutritious and healthy fruit comes from happy soil. Regenerative techniques aim to sequester CO2 into the soil, meaning less carbon in the air and more organic matter in the soil. Our orchards are doing their part to reduce the negative impacts of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. This, in turn, allows us to grow delicious stone fruit.

Happy People.

Our stonefruit is not possible without the care and passion of our employees. We strive to enrich the lives of all we touch, working hard to provide a safe and fair environment. A home where relationships thrive and transparency is key. Our Peterson family extends to all working on the farm.