Blended Peach Rose

blended rose

Your favorite summer drink, but elevated. Rose is a staple summer wine to sip poolside, but have you tried it blended?! Just four simple ingredients and a blender, that’s all you need. Mix up the flavors to your liking! Create like a mixologist by swapping out or adding in your favorite herbs and fresh fruits. Let us know what you create!

Blended Nectarine Mimosa

nectarine mimosa

Our twist on a classic mimosa! Featuring frozen nectarines, champagne, and a honey basil simple syrup – this blended cocktail is perfect for a poolside summer day!

Peach Ice Cream Topping with Homemade Caramel Sauce

peach ice cream

Fresh fruit makes for a delicious addition to any dessert, especially ice cream! We’re sharing out favorite peach ice cream topping recipe with a homemade caramel sauce to drizzle. This three ingredient peach ice cream topper pairs great with a toasted nut sprinkle and any of your favorite fresh herbs to garnish.